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19 Jul 2011

MK Electric Launches a New Range of Energy-Saving BattenFit Sensors

MK Electric, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and accessories, is launching  a cost effective BattenFit Sensor range that can deliver energy savings of up to 80 percent1.


With advanced PIR detection technology to monitor occupancy of the area, the BattenFit range of devices use presence detection to automatically switch the light on when someone enters an area, for example a corridor, and switch it off again when the area is vacated. These sensors provide a solution for customers requiring a simple and cost effective energy-saving solution for use in warehouses, industrial units, factories, utility areas and any space where there is a possibility of lights being inadvertently left on for extended periods when not required.


More sophisticated variants provide the same reliable presence detection and additionally monitor levels of natural light to further eliminate unnecessary use of energy. DSI and DALI-compatible detectors, at the top end of the range, are capable of maintaining constant light levels by adjusting output in relation to available natural light. The range is ideal for use in existing installations of batten-style luminaires.


Jason Ng, marketing communications specialist for MK Electric, said: “BattenFit is a good solution for those ‘forgotten’ energy stealers such as storage rooms and utility areas – in fact, anywhere where lights can be left on unnecessarily for long periods.

 “These products are ideal for customers requiring a simple energy-saving solution that is easy to assemble in existing installations.”                                                         

The BattenFit Sensor is manufactured to ISO 9002 certification with each product undergoing 100 percent electrical and visual testing to ensure reliability and safety. 

The product range comes with a two-year guarantee and will be available in the UK from July 2011.