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31 Oct 2011

MK Electric Changes the Game with Wireless Echo™ Range Extension

MK Electric, the UK’s leading manufacturer of wiring devices and accessories, is launching an extension of its Echo portfolio to offer even more functionality, following its early success.


Echo – an innovative range of entirely wireless, batteryless and self-powered transmitters, controls and receivers – enables the user to create a bespoke control system for home, hotel, office environments or other functional buildings with a range of transmitters, temperature sensors and presence detectors, as well as receivers that can be programmed with multiple settings.

 The latest extension brings considerably more capability to the portfolio including light dimming, scene setting, presence sensing, temperature control, door position detection, plug through switching and dimming, as well as new aesthetic finishes for transmitters in a number of options, including glass and aluminum.


The increased functionality means that a user may wish to programme scenes that incorporate more than one device – for example turning on a bathroom light also sends a signal to a fan to start automatically two minutes later. Hotels can use the technology to detect presence and control the air-conditioning or heating. Power to the entire hotel room can also be triggered by inserting a card into a wireless card switch transmitter.

 Using EnOcean technology, the range of transmitters and receivers exploit tiny amounts of ambient energy – instead of environmentally unfriendly batteries – to wirelessly operate lighting at ranges of up to 300 metres in free space.

 Jason Ng, Marketing Communications Specialist for MK Electric, said: “This is switching for the future, now. It’s a state-of-the-art, modern and stylish idea, but it’s also hugely practical and has sustainability at the heart of its functionality. Millions of batteries go into UK landfill every year posing a serious environmental risk, so any opportunity to reduce this needs to be grasped.

 “But it’s not just batteries that are a thing of the past. It’s wires too. The range radically revises the way switching is treated and is particularly invaluable in areas where the invasive channelling of walls isn’t permitted or feasible, such as historic buildings or glass partition walls. With almost instant switch installation, total location flexibility of transmitters within buildings, easy relocation, minimal disruption to surroundings and an increased range of functionality, we’re excited to be launching this to market.”

 EnOcean products are all compatible with one another, as 200 manufacturers use the same protocol, giving an unrivalled breadth of functionality. You can extend this even further with the KNX Gateway that allows Echo products to communicate with home automation systems based on KNX.