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05 Jun 2015


Moss Electrical has recently announced that it is about to invest in a 1.1MW Solar PV System at the company’s 150,000 sq ft. headquarters in Dartford.


Moss, has experienced an exceptional trading period for the twelve months of its financial year. Sales turnover has increased by 120pc to circa £65million.


Robert Moss, Managing Director commented, “We have experienced significant growth within the Solar PV market and this is mainly due to a volume increase in our domestic solar kit building services and six ground mount installations in excess of 100MW which were supplied and installed in the first quarter of this year. 


Moss believes solar PV will play an increasingly prominent role in the UK’s renewable energy mix as the market matures. “The commercial installation sector is ripe for growth,” he says. “More companies are realising the potential savings to be made through self-consumption. PV is a long-term investment, and high-quality product and technical support help customers make well-informed decisions.”


Such activity has not gone unnoticed and the roof of the Dartford based electrical distributor will soon be home to 1.1MW of solar power, which it will redistribute to the grid, use or supply to local businesses.


Chris Homer, Commercial Director commented “After the successful installation of 50KW on the office flat roof, we are now investing in a 1.1MW Solar System on the roof of our headquarters in Dartford, which we are funding ourselves. Cost of the system is in excess of £1m and returns generated throughout the lifespan of the system will result in a sound Investment for Moss as it continues support for renewable technology. “


Chris continues “This project will be complete by September, Sustain Commercial Solar, a substantial partner to Moss Electrical over the past three years have designed the system and we will rely on their first class expertise and support. We always strive to select marketing leading partners to support our business activities, we are confident with the help of Sustain that the installation will produce maximum output. “