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18 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Statement

10 Jan 2020

Welcome to Moss Electrical

04 Sep 2019

Promotion at Moss Electrical

07 May 2019

Moss Electrical FORS accreditation

29 Apr 2019



28 Jan 2021

Price Increases 2021

July 1st 2021

CP Electronics
Vent Axia (7.5%)
Contactum (10%)
Hellermann Tyton (5% average)
Manrose (7.5%)
National Ventilation (7.5%)
Vent Axia (7.5%)
EnviroVent (6.75%)
Conduit (9-16%)
Airflow (5.3%)
ESP (3%)
Luceco (Circa 5%)
Termination Technologies (9%)
Unitrunk (12-18%)
Univolt (5%)
Thorn Eco
Craig and Derricot
BG Electrical
E Klips


July 5th 2021

Atkore (6-22%)


July 9th 2021

Pemsa (10-20%)


July 12th 2021

Marshall Tufflex (5%)


July 26th 2021

Channel (17%)


August 1st 2021

Mennekes (4%)
KSR Lighting (5%)
Walraven (4-10%)
Timeguard (5%)
Ansell Lighting 
Vectaire (8-12%)
Collingwood (Up to 6%)
Lucy Zodian (9-13%)
Mennekes (4%)
Rehau (8%)


August 2nd 2021



September 1st 2021

Gewiss (5%)
Bell Lighting (3%)
Contactum (2.5-10%)
Saxby Lighting (3% average)
Eaton (5.5%)
Greenbrook (8-10%)
Batt Cables
ASD Lighting (5%)
Brackenheath (7-20%)
Briticent (7-10%)
Luceco (Circa 5%)
Venture (10%)


October 1st 2021

Kiddie (3%)
Signify (Phillips) (3-5%)
Dorman Smith Switchgear 
Schneider (2-14%)
ML Access
Integral LED Lighting 
Wago Ltd (6-9%)
Vent Axia (3-5%)
National Ventilation (6%)
Manrose (6%)
Thorn (6%)


October 4th 2021

Kingfisher (10%)
CK Tools (3-10%)


October 6th 2021

JCC Lighting (3-6%)


October 15th 2021

CSS Support Systems (8%)


October 18th 2021

CP Electronics (5%)


November 1st 2021

Thorn Eco (5%)
Dimplex (3-15%)
CSS (5-15%)
SLV (5%)
Scolmore OVIA
ESP & Sangamo (4-9%)


November 15th 2021

Legrand (5%)


December 1st 2022

Heat Mat
SWA (6%)


January 1st 2022

Armeg (4.5%)
Airflow (Min 5%)
Domus Ventilation (5-15%)
Hellermann Tyton - Starrett (12% average)


18 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Statement

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are probably going to receive many emails on this subject, and I realise that we all have concerns, both on the aspects of health and financial stability.

I am writing directly to you to assure you that we are doing all in our power to keep the supply chain moving, whilst protecting the welfare of our staff and their families.

We have set out some internal and external directives and, we have developed a protocol to allow us the best chance of combating this virus attack in the workplace.

We are endeavouring to not only to protect all employees and their families, but also to ensure supply lines remain fluid. 

Stocks will become scarcer and we are increasing our stockholding as best we can; with alternative suppliers being used whenever necessary.

The financial markets are in disarray, but the British Pound is being massacred, which means that further price increases are inevitable.

All drivers have been issued face masks and have been instructed to maintain an appropriate distance when delivering to your sites.

Customers wishing to collect from the trade counter can still do so, but they will be required to ensure their order is placed prior to collection.  On arrival they must remain outside the building, where they will be met with their order.

Communication and financial stability is key to any business’s success. We would ask, if your payment may be delayed, that you let us know straight away, and we will try to work with you where possible.

Thank you for your continued support.  We will do all that we can to keep the supply chain moving.

I will remain in constant contact with you as and when the situation develops.


Yours faithfully,

Robert Moss Signature

Robert Moss

Managing Director



10 Jan 2020

Welcome to Moss Electrical

Click below for the new Moss Electrical video.


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04 Sep 2019

Promotion at Moss Electrical



Moss Electrical has been running a successful electrical wholesaling business since 1992. It gives us all great pleasure to announce that our very own Denise Field has accepted the position of Sales Director of Moss and joins the Board of Directors with immediate effect.


Denise has been a valuable member of the team since joining the company fourteen years ago, and her success within the industry is renowned.


During those 14 years, Denise has developed into the dynamic personality who we all know and respect. Her dedication to her role has been exemplary and she has learned much in the commercial world of Moss. It has not been a one-way learning curve, because we have learnt much from her too.


I believe that Denise is now ready to take on this demanding role and this appointment will secure and benefit an even better management team.


Additionally, Stefan Kemp has been rewarded with a change of role and is now promoted to Business Development Director.


Stefan, like Denise, has shown tremendous growth within his previous role and we are all confident that he will excel with his additional responsibilities.



07 May 2019

Moss Electrical FORS accreditation

Moss Electrical gained it’s FORS Bronze accreditation back in 2013, a great achievement to both us as a company and the customers we supply. But that wasn’t enough! Our customers know we strive to be the best in what we do, so why stop there? We gained our FORS Silver accreditation in 2015 another great achievement.


Being FORS compliant has enabled Moss to demonstrate the high standards we provide to customers.


It’s now 2019, 4 years since we first reached Silver and we have decided to go for Gold! Watch this space for future updates on the Gold accreditation.