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22 Nov 2018

Ryder Cup 2018

Le Golf National, was the site of the Ryder Cup this September. We had the best players from Europe and USA battling against each other; to take home the most prestigious awards in the golfing calendar. To the delight of Moss Electrical, Europe came out on top; after an eventful and gripping three days. Our company was able to have a representative at the games; our very own Managing Director Robert Moss, who was able to enjoy the atmospheric nature of the games in Paris.

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After a 2 year wait, the fans were in full force and rearing to go from the outset. Prior to play beginning, they opened with an Icelandic Thunder Clap. Setting the stage for a thrilling weekend ahead. Europe looked comfortable early in the singles, but the Americans fought back and at one point it seemed they may be on the brink of something special, with the potential win of five of the first six matches.

However, all confidence in an American win was lost; when Ian Poulte’s impressive putt gave Europe the boost to regain their momentum. It wasn’t long until Phil Mickleson put his tee shot in the water at the 16, securing Europe’s win with Francesco Molinari coming out on top by winning five out of five matches. 


With golf being a lifestyle for many at Moss, and having many avid players believe they are the next Rory McIlroy, the Ryder cup was the talk of the office on Monday morning. Despite the obvious delusions of some, Moss Electrical are keen followers of the sport. We have previously held a Charity Golf Day back in July, where we worked alongside The Dream Factory and raised an amazing £20,000. We then had some of the boys from the team, have a short golfing break in Portugal in September; where Robert Moss triumphed in a well needed bond and rest for the team. This just showcases the keenness of many here, with the golfing culture.






22 Nov 2018

Pink Powers On

This year’s antics were bigger than ever, with a BBQ, raffle and some questionable pink costumes we managed to raise a massive £1600 for breast cancer research. 

Since the first ever event in 2002, wear it pink have raised over £31.5 million for the largest breast cancer charity – Breast Cancer Now. They believe, that with our help and donations it is possible to create a future where, by 2050, no women dies of breast cancer. Our donations help fund nearly 450 of the world’s best researchers across the UK and Ireland whose work helps prevent breast cancer and improve the lives of those affected.    

The day kicked off with everyone showing off their best outfits, from onesies to police women there definitely was a few laughs around the office. The excitement continued as we set up for the raffle – with prizes ranging from a trip to Fort Amherst to a £130 champagne hamper the amount of raffle tickets brought was soon raking up.

During the day we asked the office to complete a questionnaire asking who they thought was the best dressed and had the most creative outfit. With many contenders, including Jo and Lindsay’s golfing attire and the group of cowgirls from downstairs, the winners were Will and Carole.  Will in previous years has shocked the office with his choice of pink clothing – last year’s mankini is often brought up in conversation. Fortunately, this year he chose to wear a few more layers a won best outfit with his onesie and mask combo. Carole won most creative this year – a well deserved title. Every year Carole sports great fancy dress outfits - a nun being the most memorable, however this year Carole went one step further. With questionable pink fluffy handcuffs and an inflatable batten, this police woman sure stirred up a few laughs when she turned up to work.

By the end of the day everyone has had at least two burgers, run their wallets dry and left with a smile knowing that they day had been a great success in raising money for Breast Cancer Now.

Until next year’s Pink Day you can donate/ find out more at the link below: