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Our History

The Moss Electrical trade name has been synonymous with the Electrical Wholesaling industry since the 1960s.

From our beginnings in 1992, Moss Electrical set out with the long-term vision to become a UK leader in the distribution of Electrical Supplies.

We service many of the UK’s leading Electrical Contractors from 3 national distribution facilities in Dartford, Manchester, and Bridgend, South Wales, each carrying their own comprehensive stock profile.

We are also a firm believer in giving back to the community, we always reach out and try to influence change and try to help those who are less fortunate, read about our charitable efforts here.

From humble beginnings in Canning Town, East London, Moss Electrical has continued its sustainable growth until this day.

  • 1962 Original Moss Electrical branch established in Plaistow by Max Moss

  • 1970 Second Moss Electrical branch established

  • 1980 Third Moss Electrical branch established 

  • 1992 Moss Electrical Co. Ltd established

  • 1993 Moss Electrical Co. Ltd opened in Canning Town, East London

  • 2005 Opened 25,000 sq ft branch - Moss Electrical (SW) Co. Ltd in Bridgend

  • 2008 Relocated from Canning Town to a 150,000 Sq Ft facility in Dartford

  • 2011 Opened 20,000 sq ft branch - Moss Electrical (NW) Co. Ltd in Manchester

Our future growth is shaped by the determination to offer the best service in the industry - a future that promises even greater benefits to our customers.

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