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Moss Electrical Van Fleet

Successful Project Delivery

Moss Electrical provides our customers with a secure storage facility to allow them to store their stock with complete confidence.

Our integrated book and hold system will give you the visibility and traceability of your stock from entry to exit. We provide support from storage solutions through to project delivery.

Our Project Management Services Include


We have 30,000 square feet of product storage space set aside specifically for project needs


Ensuring complete accountability throughout the project's life cycle

Project Systems

Specialised computer systems to help optimise our storage areas to ensure you can have your goods when needed


We are fully equipped to provide you with call-off documents that will streamline scheduling for every phase of the project

Stock Forecast & Tracking

The progress of the project is monitored continuously throughout its duration


We offer Next-Day and have capacity for Same-Day deliveries with vehicle tracking to precisely locate our vans. Additionally, we provide out-of-hours deliveries upon request for your convenience.

Think we can help you in delivering your next project?

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