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An Important Announcement From Moss Electrical

I have been keeping something quiet for reasons that are close to my heart, but it’s time I popped my head above the parapet and made an announcement that is personally bittersweet.

Lindsay Goubel MD

When I joined Moss Electrical some 28 years ago, I always knew where I would ultimately end up, as Robert, Chris, and I would often discuss the future, in all its forms. Over the years we have taken the business from its roots in the East End of London to the slightly greener pastures of Kent, and during that time we have opened businesses in Wales and Manchester and seen some fantastic growth, courtesy of an extremely loyal customer base and ever developing and exceptional team.

Robert Moss With Lindsay Goubel

My biggest fear, and I don’t think I have ever told Robert this, is that if anything terrible was to happen to him, I knew the business needed me to become the finished article overnight. I didn’t know if that was even possible under those circumstances, as despite our constant bickering I have a deep love for him. But thankfully that hasn’t happened, and I find myself now officially taking the title of Managing Director from a man who over the years has taught me, annoyed me, driven me to distraction, and whom I have laughed with, but mostly at, for most of my working life. Also, he is still alive which is very much a bonus.

In March 2021, the two founding directors, Chris Homer and Robert Moss took retirement and I took over 95% shareholding of Moss Electrical Co Ltd. Chris went off and enjoyed his new-found and well earned time off, and Robert has been slowly sliding into the background ever since. I probably should have made an announcement then, but in truth, we both needed to get used to our new dynamic and one of us needed to get used to hearing the word “no”, whilst the other had to learn to deliver it.

There was never a need for us to rush and potentially be clumsy in this transition, nor was there a desire in me to let the world know, but the time has come to tell those who are interested and get back to doing the simple things well. This will always be Robert’s world, no paper will change that, and I for one hope that, together with the wonderful team here, we will do nothing but continue to trade in a manner that will protect the Moss legacy.

Lindsay Goubel

Managing Director

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